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Our Distillery

Aromificio Salamina srl – Extracts, Essences and Flavouring -, was established in Milan-Italy in 1905 and therefore is now one of the oldest companies producing flavouring for foodstuff, liquors and beverage, specialized in natural essences, also available in KOSHER and KOSHER for PASSOVER, obtained from the improvement of the traditional methods of infusion and distillation.

Thanks to its technical and commercial flair together with an in-depth knowledge of all the characteristics and properties of aromatic plants, Aromificio Salamina has become a reference point for the leading producers of fizzy drinks and spirits, creating and producing recipes which are still unique in the world of popular beverages (tonic-water, the italian classic soft drinks “chinotto” and “ginger”, orangeade, other fizzy and alcohol free aperitifs).

As each generation succeeded the previous one and with the strengthening of firm’s production capacity, the name of the Aromificio Salamina has become increasingly well-known in the market areas and new fields of the use of flavourings.


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