Aromificio Salamina‘s production methods combine the ancient art of preparing essences with modern technical know-how in extracting aromatic principles from the various parts (roots, peel, bark, seeds,flowers, leaves, etc.) of aromatic and officinal plants. The use of edible ethyl alcohol as a solvent allows the flavourings to maintain their original characteristics for long periods of time.

erbeThe services of capable formulators and university consultants, together with the in-house Quality Control Laboratory, guarantee the soundness of each stage of production from the arrival of the raw materials up to the packaging of the “finished” product.
The use of analytical methods safeguards the products from the presence of pesticides and other contaminating substance thus the certifyng that they are entirely natural.

Apart from the perfect knoledge of extract production techniques and the Total Quality Management, Aromificio Salamina‘s success is also founded on its Customer Service. Alongside its standard production, Aromificio Salamina, also offers a service for the formulation of new flavourings, in order to meet the needs of the customers at best. The advisory service provided by our experts is at disposal of those customers who need to formulate original essences with distinctive and exclusive notes.