Our history

Paolo Salamina

The history of Aromificio Salamina is closely linked to the history of the members of the Salamina family: from generation to generation they carried on a passion and family tradition with pride and devotion.

Paolo Salamina, born in 1881 and graduated in Pharmacy, was exceptionally gifted and a man of genius. He considered the work a prize, the only way in which the dignity of man can expand, remodel and establish in the truest and boundless freedom to think and act.

A century ago the Pharmacy was a real chemical laboratory: herbs, barks, leaves, roots, seeds, etc. were treated in various ways to obtain their active principle. The raw materials, the sulfates, the carbonates, the acids, etc. were also processed in order to create the best medication to alleviate pain and to heal all manner of disease. This background gave Paolo Salamina the knowledge to start the manufacture of liquid extracts, syrups and other preparations.

Gaetano Salamina

In 1905 Paolo Salamina established the Aromificio Paolo Salamina in Via Carlo Goldoni -Milan- and after years of hard work, the firm was moved from the first small workshop into a new building site in Corso Garibaldi.

Since 1926 Dr. Salamina had been no longer alone in the work, but he had by his side his eldest son, fresh from studies, Gaetano.

In 1930 the Aromificio Paolo Salamina rilocated in Via Galilei, and in 1935 acquired a new and larger premises in Viale Romagna and took the clear shape of industrial company with the introduction of machinery and equipment improved ad hoc.

Father and son continued their successful marriage until the death of the patriarch February 13, 1943.

Marialuisa Salamina

Even the location in Viale Romagna became too small and inadequate for the increasing pace of the production, which in the meantime had become the Aromificio Salamina, moved in Via Cosimo del Fante where amplitude of the premises and the clear organizational insight of Cav. Gr. Cr. Salamina were the foundations engine for growth.

Since 1952,  Cav. Gr. Cr. Salamina has been joined by his daughter Marialuisa in running the business and in 1963 the Aromificio Salamina moved into its current location in Via Ettore Ponti 47.


Barbara Fogagnolo

Cav. Gr. Cr. Gaetano Salamina was endowed with a great entrepreneurial spirit and was able to fully exploit the remarkable legacy of his brilliant father. Under his leadership the company won the first national awards, such as the Lombardy Quality Award, and international, such as Golden Mercury.

After the death of her father in 1983, Ms. Salamina carried on the family tradition supported by her daughter Barbara Fogagnolo and instructing the fifth generation.